walked away, heard them say, poisoned hearts will never change

As this cup empties, I slowly fade from me. As day's torn by night, we drift from sight. And as hope drifts away, we're left with broken dreams and memories. Lead us through this one, and you'll find hope is gone. Please don't fade away. Use your mind and fly. False memories of life never lived.

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Nov 8, 2003
Haha Catherine! ....hey looked i copied someone....

oh mannnnnn....GOOD TIMES. lol catherine...GOOD TIMES.....

key words now....

catherine. chelsea. dolan. austin. capacity. football. chelsea intercepts football and runs with 6 year olds chasing behind. apple juice, chelsea runs. "are we having fun yet". mann...we are from chicago and in chicago we throw things back. my back hurts cuz i just gave you momma a pigggy back ride. vending machines. MOM SHUT UP. hahahahahahaha. keep going. parting the sea of people on the trash tractor thinggg. you got lots of keys mann. the bloww horn. loooking for the quarter. score=jump. firrreworrrks. word games. katie. people i dont know names of. vans. spider man. you cant bring girls up to your roooom. talking parrot. molesting child conner. tag of shirt on conner. windy water. gumballs. laying on thing and going bbbbbbbbbbbbbooooom. boat. cold water. FUNNN.

hahaah i give up of thinking of more. there are but im tirrrrred and tired of typing.

i need a black light mannnn!!!!!

disguise. heeeeeh.

well my weekend was good. how was yours.

Posted at 11:02 pm by poisonedxheart
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Nov 6, 2003
songs for the weary...if thats how you spell weary...

i love this song......

Mad Caddies, "Drinking For Eleven"

Drinking for a living, that's just what i do,
When i'm not with you,
My heart goes to bed

End of the bar, that's just where i'll be,
Don't try and come find me
Cause i'm already dead

With one eye tied upon the open road
I feel your presence and i can't let it go
It moves so slowly as it creeps into my mind,
Steals every breath i have and leaves my heart behind

Wanna know what you're feeling if your feeling alone
I wanna hear if you still care
The last time i remember you was the last time i wasn't scared

When the nights start fading and the mornin' arrives
I wanna still feel you around
Will you creep into my head again and pick me up off the ground
Once more and tell mewhat you're fighting for

Gotta try gotta try for tomorrow
When you can't see through to day
There's nowhere left to stay

Sometimes i feel like im out here all alone
Just one in million stuck with no place left to go

The fear steps up to me with every move that i make
Following close behind my soul it wants to take

hahaha only because i have nothing to write about.

Posted at 10:16 pm by poisonedxheart
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Nov 2, 2003
purple spotted zebras of never land!

hello. today was a dreadful day. i came back from auburn, alabama, that is and found out from brittany my cousin. she told me that catherine. (that slut) went trick or treating while grounded with dolan, devin, and brandon. and im mad cuz i couldnt go cuz i was in auburn alabama, that is. my parents made me go with them in the automobile. if i had stayed here that is, ::breath:: ahemmm...i could have gone with catherine i think. from what brittany tells me devin and brandon are hot sexy beasts. because you see..brittany saw them at office depot and thinks they are hot sexy beasts.....dotdotdotdotdotdotdot....(emotional breakdown).....dotdotdotdotdotdot....you see this is my problem..catherine somehow always ends up hanging out with the cool kids.....capacity......ahemm....austin. see this makes me sick because she always hangs out with the cool kids and is the hot one in the group. this is so funny. we hang out with the regular kids but she hangs out with the cool guys and we end up being tag alongs but i like it cuz its fun.
hehehe this blue part is a secret. so shhhhhhhhhhhh. she told me to go crazy. hahaha so i can do homework until that womaaaan calls me back. hahahahahhaha. yes yes yes i shall wait for her. auburn was fun though you see because i went to the frat house. frat house equals fun. frat house equals hot guys. hahaha. lovers lane. liberty bell. and who won? AUBURN WON!!! 73 to 7. hahaha geee could it been because they were playing louisiana monroe. hmm yeah....it was like a pro team playing a high school team. FUN TO WATCH. the boy in front of us was like....can we go home when they get to 100? oh yes and then JAMES gave me a tour of the newspaper place. haha he is the editor for the plainsman. very very very nice. and the other editor..lindsey was quite nice!!! hahah. im special. the head of auburns journalism department told me that she was saving me a spot. they only accept like 25 freshmen a year. woahhh go me!! i took a lot of flyers. im bad man bad. hahaha. jack was tight. ben smith was nice. FRAT. hahahaha sprite yeah he liked it.
magical bunnies flying through the fields and wishing that they might be the one the one and only baby yeahh..i got the allister cd. its reallly reallly goooooood. who puts a carpet in a mall? certainly not i. oioiooiiooioooiiioioioi. im just trying to take this space up so. fo shizzle my nizzle rizzle. CAPACITY, woah. hahaha i tailgate. yes i did. welllll. guesss whos back.....
ive never met devin or brandon before and its not fair cuz brittany has and catherine has and i havent and its not fair. i deserve to meet them because im catherines best friend and i have to approve of them and every guy she talks to and its NOT RIGHT its just not DARN RIGHT. i deserve the upmost attention in catherines life because i am her best friend and i think that skitttles are actually brown when they first start out. im glad i have gotten this off my chest and i thank you for listening to me. im very distraught at this moment and catherine is calling. she reallly does love me and i love her back. we aint lesbian lovers or anything. AND WE DRIVE A HONDA. ohhh yeahh the stickshift! thank you guys for listening. remember skittles are brown and the return of the king is the lord of the rings thingy. orlando bloom is hott. no hes not. i know. the parties hoppin over here president clinton. huuwaaaa. i hope it takes you an eternity to read this. and read my journal daily for more habitual entries. farewell.

p.s.:they like me they really like me. the end.


p.s.s.:i eat babies!!!!

Posted at 09:05 pm by poisonedxheart
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Oct 27, 2003
its like woaaaahhhhh when ya dont know it

ahahahhhhahahhhhhaa. if onlyw i was ok. a ok. but i dnot. i vcant tyupe i aint even gona try no mrooe its to o difficutl . catherine. hadhshs  thankss jackiessss. your made her redd eyesss. hmm iw winfder wonder how they fgot lik that! milk is goood for the body. hahaha she couldnt spellmilk. ajaha she siad milc!!! and sdhe cant spell offfff. she said isnt it efffff. and boi oh boi. HAHA BOI!! ihate it when ppls spellz thingz likez thiz. specially when they say boi!!! i just spillled rotoot beeer all overr me. what a clutz. haaaaaaah with a zzzz. zzzzzzzzzzz where ppl need to be. i could pay to see the sun set in your eyes. im the poet. that came to me like a boom boom boom. she saw PJJJ today at the BEACH. ahaahaahh just a walking away. ahahahhaha. skooool skippper. captain of da shipppp!11kkldklcsd my ahands are shaking, iwas just trying to make eee cupcakes but noo mufffin cups. catie and lara savededeeded me!!! i sound sscrrrreewwweddd up. new song. how boutttt...SELFISH by the know how. hahahhaah its fun fun fun!! here in floridaaaaaa. lalalalalllallallalalalaalllallalalalalaallalalalalallalalalallllaalalalalalalallaalalalala.......why are you so selfish you got szomeoething about jealous. i just dont know. hahaha i put the phone down cuzz i thought i hung up and all the sudddddden it screamsss chelseeaaaa chellllseeea. catherine had returneddd! like da aliens. hahah i jusss membered interior design wid luisssss. ahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahha. he talkss likekldjkfldjlgjfd ksljksldjlksfjklds and then spects you to answer. ahaaaaha. mky shoulders still hurt from
w-a-k-e-b-o-a-r-d-i-n-g. but thats ok!!!! why yes...yes it is..

i used color!!!

Posted at 10:25 pm by poisonedxheart
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Oct 26, 2003
need i a title?

hello there.

AUSTIN SKIPS LIKE A NAHZI. at least from what i hear. if thats even how you spell nahzi.

i bet you didnt know that now did ya.

today brittany saw dolan brandon and devin. lucky her.

i love fire. it amazes me. lighter fun.

i wrote a poem about being a tree.

"why are you so far away" she said "why wont you ever know that im in love with you that im in love with you" you soft and only you lost and lonely you strange as angels dancing in the deepest oceans twisting in the water youre just like a dream.
its by the cure. tbs did a cover of it. its grand. its one of those songs i keep listening to over and over.

i feel like reading now. wow.

oh how i love taking back sunday.

Posted at 10:02 pm by poisonedxheart
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Oct 25, 2003
yeahh mannn...

now thats a good time. hahhhh. this morning michael came and we went on the boat.yeahhhh.


lol yeah.thats what we did.i got up on my first try today,thats always good.did my 180.got over the wake, score!michael got up too.first time behind a boat.did better then me.lol.he's supposed to.he's a guy.then we got back and went swimming.we got to like 60. wow. smile.then we went on everyones docks.lol.we were scared someone was gonna find us.we were sneaky.woooooooo.brittanys coming tonight.man last night scary movie 3 was funnnnny.saw bj and max.someones got a girlfriend now....haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.short too.

Posted at 02:31 pm by poisonedxheart
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its new. oh yeahhh...beat that.

i was getting tired of blurty.  i dont know anything about this one. but hey its different. and hah now i can change the font. oh yes im good. lets end with a song shall we....

Just throw it back, for one more night
On a starlit and moon-struck night.
The ground did fold and eat us both
But all my love, I did devote.

Beneath the rafters the angels sing
Spinning violence and playing with my heart.

The song I wrote, it was for you.
To live inside of me, I'm dying inside you.

Lost inside another crash
The bones I had, turned into ash.
The world did cry, the night you died

But I lost what was mine, and I want what was mine.

My heart now it always breaks, the blood did drip and I take,
another wish, another kiss, no more will for me to kill.
We'd run away in our dismay, but please, come back to me.


wahooo...maybe ill write in both my journals.

Posted at 02:10 am by poisonedxheart
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